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JIM 2/2/15

JIM RIN Feb 2015.pdf

The first JIM of 2015 will be held on 2nd February at 1815, a RIN presentation on The IMO and Future Maritime Legislation; all are welcome to attend

Journal 4/14

hcmm volxxiii_no008_Dec_4_2014.pdf

Journal 3/14

hcmm volxxiii_no007_3_2014.pdf

The latest Journal is now available

Journal 2/14

hcmm volxxiii_no006_jun2014.pdf

The latest edition of the Journal is now available

ShipTalk News

  • As election time approaches in the UK, politicians must be careful not to be “anti-business” in their policies as they try to appeal to voters, warns the UK Chamber of...

  • Three seafarers from the “Amber Halo”, a Liberia-registered ship, died after consuming bootleg alcohol in Indonesia’s Tanjung Priok port, police recently reported. The head of the Jakarta Water Police said the...

  • Shipping safety remains an ever present issue at the start of 2015 as industry regulators make louder calls to investigate a range of incident types and improve safety standards. According...