Finance & Risk Committee

The Finance & Risk Committee meets four times per year and is concerned with all matters relating to the finances of the Honourable Company. In addition to providing oversight to the proper management of the funds and income of the Honourable Company the Committee scrutinises the annual accounts and ensures that the Company adheres to all regulatory requirements. F&RC also maintains a Risk register  covering all aspects of  Company operations which is kept updated at all times.

Mr Matt Burrow


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The Finance and Risk Committee is directed under the chairmanship of Mr Matthew Burrow and the Clerk as Secretary.

Current Committee Members

Mr Matt Burrow (Chairman)

Commodore Angus Menzies (Secretary)

Mr John Almond
Captain Rob Booth
Commander Les Chapman RN
Captain Jim Conybeare
Captain Colin Crawford
Mr Hew Dundas
Mr Tony Gosden

Mr Ed Hill
Captain Martin Reed
Captain Mike Robarts
Mr Iain Stitt
Mr Lambros Varnavides
Captain F.K.D’Souza CMMar FNI

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