Corporate Membership

Any corporation, partnership or organisation, the business of which is ownership or management of sea-going vessels or has manufacturing, scientific or management abilities or knowledge in marine equipment, construction or maintenance of ships, the handling of marine insurance and safety or the practice of marine law, shipbroking, personnel or other marine associated services, may apply for Corporate Membership. Applications for Corporate Membership may be made by any company or organisation meeting these criteria. Applications, as will all other forms of membership, are then put before the Court of Assistants for approval.

Corporate Members are invited to provide a short paragraph about their company and, if they wish, a related photograph (usually of a ship) for inclusion in the Honourable Company’s website. From time to time Corporate Members will be “featured” in the Company Journal. When this occurs we will ask for a suitable copy.

For further details, please contact the Clerk:

The Clerk
The Honourable Company of Master Mariners
HQS Wellington
Temple Stairs
Victoria Embankment

Please provide a few sentences outlining your Company/Organisation and how it relates to the Maritime Industry.
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