Chartered Master Mariner

What is Chartership?

Historically, a ‘Charter’ is a Royal Warrant – granted by the Crown (State) – permitting an activity or practice to be carried out by certain individuals, a town, city or region. Chartership was usually awarded following evidence of exceptional service, capability or loyalty to the State of Crown.

A commercial Charter is an historic right – granted only to exceptional craftsmen – evidencing their right to carry out their occupation unhindered and under the authority of the Crown. Receipt of a professional Charter represented the ultimate accolade that could be awarded by the State to a craftsman or artisan and could be held out as conclusive evidence of their competence and skill.

Chartership has been described as ‘the gold standard’ of personal achievement and professional development. There is no higher standard in the world of professional and technical achievement. Consequently, it is not a standard that will be achievable by every aspirant.

What is a Chartered Master Mariner

It is not the intention of the Chartership project to simply re-define what it is to be a ‘higher-spec’ ship’s Master. This would be nothing more that extending STCW criteria and applying the same methodology. If that were the driver behind Chartership, then there would be nothing special about the award or status as it would be achievable by every aspirant, both as right and as the natural expectation of their career development.

Chartership is appropriate for those who have risen beyond the need for prescribed qualification routes that are defined by specific goals and objectivised career pathways.

if we are to begin defining the qualities required to achieve the status of Chartered Master Mariner, it applies to maritime industry professionals who are externally assessed as being: inspirational; high achievers; leaders; trend-setters and; developmental drivers – in all relevant areas.

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