Becoming a Mentee

A Video Introduction

What is expected of a Mentee?

As a prospective Mentee, if you have not already made contact through family or friends, you will be introduced to the Honourable Company and invited to contact a Master Mariner who may act as your “Master” in the scheme. As far as possible your Master will have a special shared interest with you in terms of ship types and trades, friends or area of residence.

You will be “bound” to your Master (a Liveryman of the Honourable Company) through a traditional City of London indenture which has full Guildhall recognition, allowing entry to the Freedom and Livery in due course “by Apprenticeship”. You will find the ancient wording of the “Indenture” rather old-fashioned and quaint, but that is because it is linked back to the London Craft Guilds of the Middle Ages.

Up to the time of obtaining your OOW certificate of competency, you will be asked to agree to:

  • Keep a journal recording observations on professional topics (at least one entry per week)
  • Write to your Master at least once every six months, and
  • Visit “Wellington” if leave periods allow

Note: Entry into the Honourable Company Essay Competition each year is voluntary. A prize will be awarded for the winning entry.

From OOW through to Masters you will be expected to:

  • Continue to keep a journal
  • Enter the annual essay (or other project) competition
  • Write to your Master at least once a voyage, and
  • Visit “Wellington” if possible


Applying for the Scheme

You can download the application form here.

Alternatively, if you would like further information please contact us.

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