Membership Classes

Membership of the Honourable Company is open to seafarers and those with a genuine interest in the sea and maritime matters. There are five categories of membership, these being:

  • Full (Freedom of the Company)
  • Member
  • Apprentices and Associates
  • Honorary
  • Corporate

Full Members

Full members automatically become Freemen of the Honourable Company. This is the principal category of membership and is open to Class 1 foreign-going Master Mariners (or Royal Navy equivalent) with a British Masters’ certificate or the recognised equivalent. Royal Navy equivalency is taken to mean a Seaman Officer who has held seagoing command of a major warship. A second class of full membership is that of a Liveryman. Liverymen may be elected to become senior officers of the Honourable Company and may stand for senior positions within the Corporation of London. Only Freemen can become Liverymen of the Honourable Company. Membership of our Company is governed by our Royal Charter and is limited to 600 Freemen and 300 Liverymen.


Membership is available to Master Mariners of other nationalities and to deck officers who do not hold a Class 1 certificate (or Royal Navy equivalent). It is also open to non-seagoers accomplished in a field of experience which relates to maritime affairs or business.
Apprentices and Associate Members

Junior merchant and Royal Navy officers, cadets and Midshipmen can join the Honourable Company as Apprentices (if under the age of 21) or Associate Members (if over 21).

Details of the Mentoring Scheme can be found here.

Honorary Members

A number of distinguished people in the maritime world are invited to become Honorary Members of the Honourable Company. Some long standing friends of the Company have also been afforded this privilege.
Corporate Members

Corporate membership is open to any corporation, partnership or organisation whose business is associated with the maritime industries.

Please click here for more information on joining the Honourable Company of Master Mariners.

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