Video Bulletin 1: COLREGS (Use of VHF); Risks attached to the use of Rigid Inflatable Boats (RIBs); yacht encounter with a ferry

Video Bulletin 2: COLREGS (TSS Deepwater route in English Channel, inappropriate use of route by fast container ship causing unnecessarily close quarters passing of a VLCC at speed; blocked engine fire suppressant system pipework due to passing seawater valves.

Video Bulletin 3: Importance of briefings, checklists, procedures, bridge layout design and master / pilot exchange; mooring deck safety, dangers of snapbacks from patron lines, inappropriate berths for vessels; Œsuperman¹ behaviour by a super yacht crewmember putting his life in danger.

Video Bulletin 4: ECDIS issues; each not seen at night (limitations at night); TSS crossing incident with a ferry

Video Bulletin 5: Hazards, Risks, importance of Toolbox Talks; trip hazards for pilots in boarding area.

Video Bulletin 6: Dangers for pilots boarding vessels, pilot ladder issues including ship design; line handling

Video Bulletin 7: Tugs and pilots (comms and procedures); anchoring hazards (windlass maintenance, weather, procedures); some best practices and tips; CHIRP Maritime Digest endorsed by IMO.

Video Bulletin 8: Pirates; dangers associated with pilots boarding (poor ship design, poor / damaged ladders and equipment); incident examples illustrating each of the Deadly Dozen human factors used for investigation purposes.

Video Bulletin 9: New Director Maritime (Jeff Parfitt); each versus ferry (again); trip and fall hazard for pilots and officers on the bridge wing (non approved platform installed; RIB offering yacht assistance when unqualified to do so and capsizing;

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