Chartership is looking for ‘exceptional’ performance and individual contributions to the industry. It is for applicants to define what is ‘exceptional’ and show how they are ‘outstanding’ in their workplace and the wider environment. How applicants can justify and demonstrate these requirements will help assessors judge their proximity to these criteria and, ultimately, their suitability for Chartership.

For the avoidance of doubt, simply ‘being good at your job’ or ‘not making mistakes’ will be insufficient to satisfy the strong evidential requirements necessary for proving suitability for Chartered status.

There is no ‘prescribed’ route to Chartership and development towards acquiring Chartered status is not about being guided or spoon-fed. Chartership is more likely to be achieved by those who have taken control and ownership of their lives and assumed responsibility for their personal development, goals, ambitions and life objectives.

Individuals who want Chartership should be sufficiently self-aware to know when they are deficient in certain work-skill areas and self-motivated enough to take the necessary steps to remedy these weaknesses, perhaps by seeking mentorship for themselves, rather than waiting for someone else to direct them or develop a growth path that they might follow. This is the type of individual for whom chartership is designed. It is not, and should not be viewed as, an automatic step or expectation by all who acquire a Master (Unlimited) CoC.

It then holds good that individuals who have grown to truly believe in themselves and demonstrate this by a personal ability to develop themselves through self-motivated and self-directed means – which can be demonstrated in numerous ways – can be said to have reached a level of eminence whereby they can stand upon their own cognisance and be held out as an example to others as the best the maritime industry has to offer.

These, amongst others, are the personal qualities that may be expected of someone who aspires to become a Chartered Master Mariner.

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