Chartered Master Mariner

Are you an inspirational, high achieving, trend-setting leader within the maritime industry? Want to be acknowledged, globally, as someone who is of eminence within the Master Mariner’ profession?

Since 2013, under the terms of its Royal Charter, the Honourable Company of Master Mariners has had the right to grant Chartership status to qualifying Master Mariners. In association with the Nautical Institute, the award of Chartered status for high-achieving professional seafarers is now obtainable.

Previously, under international law, the highest qualification available to any seafarer is the Class 1 (Unlimited) Certificate – known as ‘Master Mariner’. This is a globally recognised standard that commands respect for those who attain it. Unfortunately, this standard does not accommodate those who give exceptional service.

Chartership presents a new goal for mariners by recognising the individual endeavour of those who have benefited our industry and improved their professional capabilities. It is a mark of excellence that evidences personal eminence, individual expertise, superior competence and peer-recognised quality.

Successful Chartered Master Mariners (CMMar) will have to re-evaluate a regular intervals thus, the Chartered Master Mariner will always command respect as leaders within the global maritime industry.

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