The Honourable Company is head quartered onboard the Wellington. But we understand that our membership is not all based in the South East of England and so we support a series of active outports. The outports are centred around the main maritime clusters of Britain. Please click on the Outport name for further information.

Outport Location Secretary
The Bristol Channel Outport Cardiff Mr I.C. Clark
The Clyde Outport Glasgow Captain S.G. Millar
The North East of England Outport Various locations between the Humber and the Tyne Captain M.L James
The North East of Scotland Outport Aberdeen Captain R.A. Curtis
The North West of England Outport Liverpool Captain G.R. Cowap
The South West Area Various Devon and Cornwall locations Mrs V. Foster

Outports Terms of Reference

An important aspect of the Honourable Company’s activities is to foster an active and current debate throughout the membership on maritime technical issues affecting the shipping industry.

These activities are undertaken in a number of ways:

  • Through membership and participation of the Technical Committee
  • By active involvement in the ‘E’ based technical working groups where a leader will encourage and feedback key issues to the Technical Committee.
  • By having a Technical Committee representative nominated at each Outport, who will use local membership as a discussion forum and sounding board for, either, locally raised technical issues or current issues that are being discussed by the Technical Committee. Where the HCMM is requested to comment on government or industry papers the Outport Technical representative will make best efforts to canvas local views to be then brought to the Technical Committee or sent by email. Agenda and minutes of the Technical Committee will be sent to the Outport Technical representatives, as will any papers that require an HCMM response.

Outport Technical representatives are welcome to attend the Technical Committee meetings. In any event a brief report of Outport discussions would be greatly appreciated by the Committee. These reports are to be in the hands of the secretary 7 days before a meeting.

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